Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Digging deeper

For years I could easily be described as "reactive", "tough", "out spoken" and even "difficult" at times. As the years pass and I grow deeper into who I want to be I am less of the above and more "reflective", "accepting", and "peaceful". So when I'm asked questions about my decision to be a single mother I listen, reflect, and respond with confidence either my answer or more questions.

I find myself investigating a lot over little things, making sure I have thought of everything there is to think about to ensure a "perfect plan" for me. The one comment I hear often is "you can't plan for a baby you have to wait and see what your baby's plans are for you". I think this can be translated to life, we can plan all we want but life happens and we have to work with these happenings the best we know how. However, I still like to make plans but I now accept that these are only templates, working documents.

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