Sunday, March 14, 2010

"Let's Give'em Something to Talk About!"

Talking about my choice has made me more comfortable in making my decisions. The more I talk about it, the more questions are presented to me which I need to reseach further to find the answers that's the best pathway for me. About two months ago I started to let my colleagues know about my plans. I knew I would be taking time off work for appointments, plus I didn't want to show up one day pregnant so I started talking to a few people outside of close friends. Now I am very comfortable talking (and blogging) about it. I find many people supportive of my decision, however because it's an alternative choice many people have a lot of questions. I love to talk about what I learned and what choices I have made so far for myself. I find the more at ease I am in discussing it, the more acceptable and easier for others it is to converse.

Looking back, I am surprised with how positive my feelings are about my decision from the beginning. I only feel excitement, joy and relief. Three years ago when I first thought of this method I felt that I may attach negative emotions to it when the time came, such as; emabarrassed, ashamed, or desperate. I simply don't. I have faced many moments of uncertainty but not negativity.

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