Monday, March 15, 2010

Why don't you wait?

"Why don't you wait?" This has been a very popular question from many folks who are dear to me. Asking this questions isn't a negative feeling towards my decision, but it is based on not having "all" of the information. I have read a lot on this subject and I encourage anyone who is over 35 years old and thinking of "waiting" to investigate for themselves.

What I learned was that the "a woman's entire stock of eggs is made in her two ovaries before her birth. By the fifth month of development, a baby girl's ovaries contain about seven million eggs. Many of these eggs will die before she is born, leaving her with about two million eggs at birth. Eggs continue to die until at puberty most women have between 200, 0000 and 500, 000 eggs. Of these, only 400-500 mature and they're released by the ovaries during a woman's fertile years at the rate of roughly one a month." (Dr. Miriam Stoppard 2009)

"The fertility for both men and women reaches its peak at about the age of 24. The older you are the longer it can take to conceive. The older you are the less time you have. The number of infertile women increases with age: one in ten women between the ages of 20 and 24 are infertile, but this increases to nearly 30% of women aged 40-44. The overall quality of a woman's eggs diminishes with age as does the number of healthy eggs produced at any one time. A woman's uterus gets less receptive to a fertilized egg as she gets older, so successful implantation is less likely. The incidence of Down Syndrome rises with age of the mother, particularly over 35." (Dr. Miriam Stoppard 2009)

The fact that I am ready right now is enough for me to go ahead, but knowing that the risks increase the longer I wait is confirming. All I can suggest is that you know your facts. Do the research. And talk to your doctor.

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