Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thick Skin

Having "think skin" is something that I have developed around my decision of being a single woman choosing motherhood. Many people, family and close friends, questioned me and continue to question my decisions in a positive way, in order to provide answers I need to be informed and secure on my path. Through this process I have felt more support then I knew was possible. Also, some of the conversations I've had are so foreign to what any of us knew before I started my journey, I think all of us have learned unique knowledge along the way, and "sperm" alone has created much more conversation and laughs than one could ever predict.

The clinic I am a patient at treat my situation as "infertility", but I am not infertile, I'm single. I felt I was secure in my decision and my place in life, but it was reaffirmed when I was able to laugh at comments such as: "your uterus is beautiful, your ultra sound is perfect, has your husband been tested?" My response in the moment was "no husband,no partner, it's just me." I said this with a smile, my attempt to let the technician know I was okay with her failure to look closely at my file. Later on another day, during my cycle monitoring, the same technician said, "Everything looks good, you should go home and have sex with your husband tonight." I smiled and said "okay." It's surprising I haven't freaked out over these errors because I use to cry over being single, now I am so focused on being a mother I don't even flinch when my status is asked, "yes, I'm single." I am not excusing the errors that continue to be made due to lack of interest in individual patient files, but my focus is elsewhere and I really want to keep the clinic a positive atmosphere for me right now. I do however want to prepare women making the same choice as I have to prepare themselves for the possibility of these errors.

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